Having chosen a race, you can now determine the class of your character. Some races have many classes to choose from, while some are highly specialised, such as tae’go and vrede. Before you make your decision, you will need to know how class customisation works.

Skill Customisation
A character’s advancement through their training is measured by skill points. As you play the game, you will become more experienced with the skills you have chosen and even learn new ones. The regiment and class you choose will give you access to different skills. When creating a character, you will customise your character’s skills by spending your starting skill points.

Each class starts with a number of skill points, which will be listed in their class information. Starting characters must spend all of their starting skill points, and they may not be saved for later use. As a starting character, you will have one or more free starting skills to choose from. These are the skills that your character may gain at Tier 1 without having to expend a starting skill point. Most humans also receive their Regimental Skill at Tier 1 as a free starting skill. Starting skills are listed in the details of each class.

If your free Regimental Skill is the same as one of your free class starting skills, you may use both free skills to take it at Tier 2 by spending one of your starting skill points.

Purchasing Skills
Each class has two sets of skills; Primary and Secondary. Primary skills are the major specialisation for a class; the skills your character has the greatest understanding of. It is cheapest to purchase and advance the Primary skills of your class. Secondary skills are the skills your character has a moderate understanding of, and are marginally more expensive to purchase and advance.

Skills that are not within the Primary or Secondary sets of your class are considered Out of Class. Out of Class skills are more expensive to purchase and advance. The point cost of Primary, Secondary, and Out of Class skills is listed below:

PrimarySecondaryOut of Class
Tier 1123
Tier 2235
Tier 3347

Please note that you must have already purchased the previous tier of a skill in order to purchase the next tier of that skill.

Omega based skills are however limited to Classes able to manipulate the Omega.

Experience and Skill Advancement
If you attend a main event, you will earn 2 experience points (XP). Once you have played one event as a character, you may then begin to spend XP between events to purchase and advance skills for your current character.

You may save up to 10 unspent XP at one time, and you may not spend more XP during one advancement than your character has skill points (SP).

For example, a new character has 4 SP, so you may not spend more than 4 XP during the first advancement you make. If you spend 4 XP on that character, you may then spend up to 8 XP on the next advancement, and so on.

If your character dies or retires, unspent XP is retained, and can be spent on your new character, or continue to be saved, up to the limit of 10 XP.’

All characters can use a holdout pistol and dagger without a specific skill.

Below is a list of all the skills in system:

Omega Skills