To begin creating your character, you will need to choose from one of the four regiments. This section contains detailed descriptions about them. Your choices are:

Delmont 205th

Durgan 109th Light Infantry

Kingskeep 98th

Marazion 23rd Heavy Infantry

Regimental Skills
Each regiment has a different skill that all their recruits have the opportunity to learn. This is called a Regimental Skill, and it represents the cultural background of each regiment. With the exception of adepts, humans receive their classes through regimental training, and will automatically receive training in their regiment’s specialist skill. Adepts and other races are also able to learn their regiment’s skill, but they do not start with the training by default.

The Regimental Skills are as follows:

Delmont 205thBackstab

Durgan 109th Light InfantryMelee Weapons

Kingskeep 98thStealth

Marazion 23rd Heavy InfantryHeavy Weapons