Delmont 205th

Delmont 205th are a diverse lot, most hailing from the cultural melting pot that is the planet-city of Delmont. Specialising in battlefield support, logistics and trade, Delmont pride themselves on their craft and handiwork. Whether they are working with metals or herbs, interesting and sometimes morally questionable items have been created using their skills.

Made up of a ragtag crew of humans and aliens from all walks of life, how this unit manages to function together as well as they do is a mystery. They have gathered from the many stacked levels of Delmont’s rambling mega city. Some wanted a better life, others needed to escape, and some came from taking the King’s Mark. While they may look like a rough bunch to be with you can always guarantee you’ll be welcomed to witness for yourself just how warm Delmont can be. Anything you need they can more than likely get: for a fair price of course.

Despite their eclectic nature, they do have one thing in common: they are all headstrong and use their skills in a fight to make sure things go their way, even more so when there is money on the table.

Delmont are more than happy to be contracted by other regiments to assist with a variety of roles. Whether it is creating pharmaceuticals to get all the troops up to full strength, or standing before the enemy and forming a human sword wall, Delmont are always ready to do what is best for the Terran Sovereignty and best for business.

Regimental specialist skill: Backstab