Mechanic – Wounds

If you become Wounded, you must roleplay being in great pain, bleeding out, and dying. You may roleplay appropriately, based on the damage that wounded you, but you must follow the procedure below. As soon as you become Wounded:

  • You must start your 120 second death count.
  • You may still be conscious, but you are dying and in agony. You may call out for help
  • You cannot use skills or items, and you cannot walk. You may crawl slowly if you have use of at least one arm – roleplay appropriately.
  • You must fall unconscious if you take any further damage.

If you receive the Stabilise call, your death count will be reset to 120 seconds

If you receive the Heal Wound call, you are restored to being Exhausted.

While you are Wounded, the Restore Endurance call will not affect you, and no call is needed.

If you reach the end of your death count, your character is dead.