Game Rules – Referees

Referees, or refs, can be identified by white hats with their referee ID on them. For this reason, please do not wear white hats as part of your character kit.

The referees guide players through missions, oversee battles, and handle IC and OOC incidents or rules ambiguities. There are also designated crafting referees who oversee research and crafting.

Please bear in mind that referees cannot be seen IC. If you see a referee, ignore them IC. There may be instances where a referee informs you of something your character has discovered or can see/hear, and in these cases please do not react to the referee but instead roleplay a suitable reaction to the information given.

Referees also accompany and manage monster slots. During these, please pay attention to all briefs given to you by the referee, and any further instructions they may give you during an encounter. There are dedicated referees in each regiment who work together to run the regiment: the Commanding Officer (CO), the Executive Officer (XO), and regimental referees. All of these referees are appointed by the Game Team.