Game Rules – Non-Combatants

If you are unable to take part in combat for a medical reason, you are still able to take part in the game as a non-combatant character. These characters can still play vital parts in the Green Cloaks regiments, and can take on roles such as (but not limited to) engineers, healers, negotiators or quartermasters. The Games Organisation Desk can provide you with a high-visibility wristband for a small deposit which will indicate to other players that they should avoid combat with you.

Non-combatants are unable to take part in any fighting that takes place and, should you find yourself in a combat situation, you should move away from the combat whenever possible. It is up to you to avoid being hit. If you are unable to move away safely, or are threatened by an attacker with any weapon or attack, you must immediately lie down on the ground, roleplaying the IC state of being ‘Exhausted’ . This is not because your character is necessarily weaker than others, but so that you are out of harm’s way and will not be attacked further.

Please note that a medically non-combatant character is still affected normally by all other game effects and damage. The only difference is when they are the target of direct physical combat. For example, a non-combatant who is targeted with the Stun call should act confused and disorientated as per the normal rules for this call.

You may choose to play a pacifist or non-physical character even if you are physically able to take part in battles, and in these cases you will not wear a wristband, and any attacks or damage you sustain will be taken in the same way as any combat character.