Game Rules – Monstering

At Green Cloaks main events you will be expected to “monster” at some point during the event. This is where you get to be the characters that create plot for your fellow players. Monstering roles are varied, so you will have the opportunity to play different characters during a monster slot. Non-combatants are able to take part in monstering, and will be given non-combat roles suitable for them, such as roleplay encounters. Monstering encounters will be accompanied by a referee. At every mainline event each regiment will be assigned a monster slot; usually a period of two hours during which the regiment’s camp is considered “Time Out” and all players in that regiment are asked to remove any kit and costume that distinguishes them as their current character, replacing it with kit suitable for the monster characters they will be playing, or with generic dark clothing. All players taking part are then considered “monsters”, and must report to the Games Organisation Desk. While monstering, be gracious. You are not trying to kill other players by any means necessary, but instead trying to give them a memorable game. As a monster you may be asked to engage in combat encounters or roleplay encounters. Try and make every encounter as engaging for the other players as possible. They’ll be giving you the same consideration when they monster for you!