Mechanic – Hacking

Characters with the Engineering skill may attempt to hack and manipulate electronic systems, often indicated by a self-ref card. All systems will have a difficulty rating, and a number rating.

The difficulty rating of a system can be either Standard, Advanced, or Expert – relating to the Engineering skill tiers 1, 2 and 3 respectively. This indicates that at least one member of the hacking team must have the same tier or higher than the rating shown.

The number rating of the system indicates the collective total tiers in the Engineering skill required to perform the task. The number also indicates the time required to hack the system, in minutes. A Multispec (or Omnispec) is needed to perform hacking actions.

Please note that Vrede may reduce the time required to perform these tasks.

Example: A system to unlock a door is “Hacking Advanced 4”. This means it requires a total of 4 tiers of Engineering, and takes 4 minutes to hack. At least one of the team must have Engineering Tier 2.