Game Rules – Safety

Safety must be a primary concern for everyone. Please follow these rules to ensure the safety of yourself and other players:

  • Be sensible.
  • Do not hit anybody with anything that is not LARP-safe.
  • Do not stab with a melee weapon, unless it has a specifically-designed collapsible-tip. You should be aware if your weapon has a collapsible-tip, but please consult a referee if you are unsure.
  • If you wish to use a collapsible-tip weapon, you must register it at the Games Organisation Desk and speak to a referee, who will guide you through a competency test.
  • Do not block or parry with a gun.
  • Do not attempt to strike or fire around corners or objects where you cannot clearly see who you are attacking: somebody may be closer than you think.
  • Pull your blows with melee weapons. To pull your blow as your weapon hits the target, pull it back so that it does not make full-force contact. Combatants are aiming to tap their opponent, not hurt them. Never hit somebody with full force.
  • Wrestling and physical grappling are not allowed. There are in-game mechanics that allow for the subdual of characters: please use these instead.
  • Do not aim any attacks at the groin area or eyes. Accidents happen, but please be as diligent in avoiding them as possible. It is recommended that in the interest of safety, participants should wear eye protection.
  • You must have your character card visible on your person at all times. Please note that this card is not visible IC, but may be used OOC in the event of an emergency. Example: the calls used by snipers cannot be heard, but the shots can. If one of these calls is used nearby, you may react as though you have heard a gunshot.
  • Players are not permitted to use any form of pyrotechnics during an event, or while on a site being used by Green Cloaks. Limited and controlled pyrotechnics are sometimes used by trained personnel. If you have issues with smoke machines, loud noises, or flashes, speak to the Games Organisation Desk when you register at the beginning of an event.
  • There are trained first aiders on site at all times. If you or somebody else is injured, please calla referee and they will bring a first aider to the injured person. If it is during time-out, please go to the Games Organisation Desk to seek assistance.
  • Any illegal activities or actions taking place at a Green Cloaks event will result in the incident being immediately reported to the police, and the player being banned from the system.

A safety briefing and demonstration on how to fight safely will be given at the start of each event, and any referee will be happy to assist you further with this. It is suggested that all players attend this briefing. If you have any concerns during Time In, or witness unsafe combat, please speak with a referee when it is appropriate to do so, and they will address the problem.