Class – Mascen Tinkerer

Tinkerers are the engineers in mascen society. They are experts at creating items with limited
resources, and can substitute crystals for items that they cannot find.

Primary SkillsSecondary Skills
Self SufficientStealth
Regimental Skill

Class Attributes:

Free Starting SkillsEngineering or Self Sufficient
Starting Skill Points3
Maximum Physical Armour TypeMedium
  • Minimum Required Physrep: Tinkerers must have grey or green skin and pointed ears.
  • Ancestral Aid: When crafting, Tinkerers are able to substitute any 1 resource with an Omega Crystal of equal or higher rarity.
  • Engineering Research: Tinkerers may spend their Engineering Work Points (EWP) to research Engineering projects if they have the Engineering skill.
  • Fragile: Tinkerers start with 1 point of Endurance rather than 3.
  • Multispec: New Tinkerers are issued with a personalised Multispectrum Systems Analyser (or “Multispec” for short). This takes the form of a small portable computer that assists with a variety of engineering tasks, and must be physrepped by the player. This is a lammie item and the player should collect their lammie from the Games Organisation Desk on character creation. Without a lammie attached to an appropriate physrep, they cannot use the Hack or Analyse abilities of the Engineering skill.
  • Resourceful: When using the Self Sufficient skill, Tinkerers have the ability to pick one extra card and then return one, without it taking effect.
  • No Regimental Training: Mascen Tinkerers do not receive a Regimental Skill on character creation. They may buy it as a secondary skill.