Class – Human Heavy Weapons Specialist

Heavy Weapon Specialists are the main offensive force in the Green Cloaks Task Force. Equipped with heavy armour, shields, and melee weapons or large guns, they are capable of taking and causing large amounts of damage.

Primary SkillsSecondary Skills
Bulging BicepsEngineering
Melee WeaponsGrit
Heavy WeaponsPistol
Regimental Skill

Class Attributes:

Free Starting SkillsHeavy Weapons or Melee Weapons and regimental Skill
Starting Skill Points2
Maximum Physical Armour TypeHeavy
  • Bulletproof: Heavy Weapons Specialists receive 2 extra armour hits for any physical armour they are wearing.
  • Canny: Once per encounter, a Heavy Weapons Specialist may use a ‘once per encounter’ call 1
    additional time from the Melee Weapons or Heavy Weapons skill, provided they already have
    access to that skill.
  • Proper Training: Heavy Weapons Specialists may move at a slow walking pace whilst using a heavy weapon, and they count as two team members when crewing a super heavy weapon (only applicable if they have the Heavy Weapons skill).
  • Regimental Training: New Heavy Weapons Specialists will start with Tier 1 of their regiment’s specialist skill, and this skill counts as a primary skill for the purposes of spending skill points.