Call – Heal Wounds

Duration: Instant
This call restores a Wounded target to the Exhausted state. This also restores any rended limbs.The Heal Wound call can be used by characters with the Medicae or Omega Body skill, Myr’na Healers, or by certain craftable items. It can be used to restore a Wounded character back to Exhausted status. The Heal Wound call will also remove the Rend effect from all limbs. The Heal Wound call is made at the end of the time given in the table below, depending on the healing type and how many people are working on the character. If healing is interrupted during this time, it must be restarted. A character does not need to be Stabilised in order to use this call, but a character’s death count continues until the Heal Wound call is used, and a character may still die whilst being healed. If you are Wounded, you may not use these methods to heal yourself, as you are unable to use items or skills.

MethodTime Taken
1 Person with Medicae60 seconds
2 People with Medicae
(must be led by a Medic with Medicae 2)
40 seconds
3 People with Medicae
(must be led by a Medic with Medicae 3)
20 seconds
Omega Body 2: Heal Wound20 seconds (after initial vocals time)
Myr’na Healer: MartyrInstant (after initial vocals time)
Crafted ItemsVariable