Weapon – Shields

Skill Required: Bulging Biceps

  • The maximum size of a shield is 48 inches in height by 36 inches in width.
  • A round shield has a maximum diameter of 36 inches.
  • A shield blocks all incoming physical attacks from ranged and melee weapons, unless otherwise stated in the call (if one accompanies the attack).
  • For the shield to grant defence, it must be held in one or two hands by the player; if it is slung or carried on the back it does not grant any protection, and hits will be taken as normal.
  • If you come under heavy fire from a ranged weapon while using a shield to block the darts, you must stop moving and roleplay bracing against the force of the fire until it has decreased or stopped. (If you have Bulging Biceps Tier 3, you are still able to move while bracing, at a slow walking pace.)
  • If you use your shield to block a physical attack that is accompanied by a call that can be blocked, you must roleplay as if you had just blocked a particularly challenging blow.
  • You may not barge or bash others with a shield.