Call – Stabalise


Duration: Instant
The Stabilise call resets the death count of a Wounded character to 120 seconds (2 minutes). Each time you are stabilised, your death count will reset. The Stabilise call can be made by characters with the Medicae or Omega Body skills, or by anyone using a dermograft patch. Stabilisation takes a certain amount of time to perform, depending on how it is applied. Your death count continues while you are being stabilised, and if your death count runs out while being stabilised, you will still die. If the stabilisation is interrupted during this time, it must be restarted. If you are Wounded, you may not use these methods to stabilise yourself, as you are unable to use items or skills.

MethodTime Taken
Medicae skill10 seconds
Omega Body 1: StabiliseInstant (after initial vocals time)
Dermograft PatchInstant

Following a Stabilise call, the person making the call may immediately place both hands on the target, and continue roleplaying appropriately, attempting to keep the target alive. The death count of the target is paused until either of the following happens:

  • The person making the call is interrupted for any reason, such as being attacked, knocked unconscious, or affected by a call
  • The person making the calls removes one or both of their hands

If either of these happen, the person making the calls must discontinue Stabilisation, calling ‘Stabilise’ one final time to indicate the final reset of the death count to the Wounded character.