Game Rules – Lammies

These are laminated cards containing information on in-game items, abilities, or knowledge. The Games Organisation Desk maintains a database of all lammied items that are currently in play, and this is used to track the ownership of each item. Each lammie has a registration number on it; when you get a lammie from the Games Organisation Desk, you are registered in the database as the item’s owner.

Lammies that represent spiritual effects, abilities and knowledge cannot be stolen. If you lose a lammie of this type, please notify the Games Organisation Desk, who will update their database and supply you with a new lammie to replace the one that was lost.

Once the game is in progress, all lammies and attached physreps should be kept in IC areas wherever possible. If lammies are not attached to suitable physreps, and are found by refs in an IC area, they will be confiscated.

Lammies are colour-coded. A list of lammie types is given below.

Lammie TypeColour
Engineering Item / RipYellow
Med-Tech Item / RipGreen
Omega Item / RipBlue

These are the in-game representations of a crafted item. They must be attached to a physrep at all times. Without this physrep, the lammie’s abilities cannot be used, and it is considered cheating to attempt to use an item lammie that is not attached to a valid physrep. Item lammies will detail any unusual in-game effects or abilities that an item has, and will also list the Maintenance and Research costs of the item, where appropriate.

Knowledge Lammies

Knowledge lammies for Engineering and Medicae represent items a character knows how to craft. If the item is not in the Crafting Plans List you will be given an in-depth lammie explaining the knowledge details. These cards are representations of the knowledge learned by a character; they do not exist IC, therefore cannot be handed to another character, traded, lost or stolen. Knowledge lammies will list the Crafting and Research costs of the item, where appropriate. Characters with the Engineering or Medicae skills have the knowledge of how to craft all items on the Crafting Plans/Recipes Lists of their skill tier or lower. They do not require knowledge lammies.

Power Lammies

A power lammie represents the capacity of a character to use an ability they would not normally have (typically an Omega ability), or to modify an existing one. These cards are normally gained by Thaumaturgy research, but also by ritual. These cards are representations of knowledge or granted power; they do not exist IC, therefore cannot be handed to another character, traded, lost or stolen.

Spirit Effect Lammies

If a character has an in-game effect on their spirit, either from a ritual, possession or other source, they will receive a Spirit Effect lammie. If the character has the Spirit Attunement ability Psychometry used on them, they should show this to the user.