Class – Tae’go Vanguard

Experts with bows and modern weapons alike, the Tae’go Vanguard are a formidable foe, often
found at the forefront of any attack.

Primary SkillsSecondary Skills
GritBulging Biceps
Heavy WeaponsMelee weapons
RifleSelf Sufficient
Regimental Skill

Class Attributes

Free Starting SkillsFortitude or Rifle
Starting Skill Points3
Maximum Physical ArmourHeavy
  • Minimum Required Physrep: Vanguard have a dinosaur-like appearance. All exposed skin must be scaled and coloured (either full face paint or prosthetics) and the head must be adorned by a large crest or large horns; tails and frills are optional.
  • Armoured Scales: Vanguards receive 2 extra armour points even without wearing armour. These will stack with physical armour and energy shields and must be repaired the same way as regular armour.
  • Canny: Once per encounter, a Vanguard may use a ‘once per encounter’ call 1 additional time from the Rifle or Heavy Weapons skill, provided they already have access to that skill.
  • Proper Training: Vanguards may move at a slow walking pace whilst using a heavy weapon, and they count as two team members when crewing a super heavy weapon (only applicable if they have the Heavy Weapons skill).
  • War Cry: Twice per day a Vanguard may call “Zone Fear” on an indicated target within a range of 10 metres (30 ft) from the user. This may not be used twice in the same encounter.
  • Reptilian Physiology: Due to the difference in medical methods, Vanguards cannot work in teams with Human Medics.
  • No Regimental Training: Vanguards do not receive a Regimental Skill on character creation. They may buy it as a secondary skill.