Green Cloaks takes place in the newly-discovered Novus sector, on the far edge of known human space. The Green Cloaks Task Force have travelled from their homes in the Segovax sector, a significant star cluster far away from Terra – the fabled birthplace of the human race.

The human race, united under the banner of the Terran Sovereignty, has spread throughout the galaxy in the last 3,000 years, colonising and terraforming planets. This expansion became necessary following a cataclysmic nuclear war and 1,000 years of ruin on Terra.

Humans share the galaxy with a multitude of other races, and informal alliances have been formed between them. Some of these races have technologies far more advanced than others. Some are pacifist in nature; others seem primitive but have a deep sense of loyalty and culture. Together, they fight against their mutual enemies to push back the front lines, to defend their homeworlds, and, in some cases, reclaim their lost planets from aggressors.

You are enrolled in one of four regiments that make up a special task force in the TSA (Terran Sovereignty Army) known as the Green Cloaks, named for their recognisable ballistic weave cloaks, the only armour that could be mass-produced with the limited resources available at the start of the war against the One Bakkar.

Your missions will be varied and dangerous, pitted against the enemies of the human race and its allies. The regiments of the Green Cloaks seek to defend the Sovereignty, defeat their enemies, and overcome the challenges of a hostile universe.

What is LARP?

Live Action Role Play (LARP) is an immersive game, combining collaborative storytelling, improvisation and outdoor sport. It’s designed to be inclusive for everyone, regardless of background, profession, or gender. All you need to play is a little bit of imagination.

In a LARP game, you will create a character who will interact with a living, ever-changing world, with opportunities to experience exciting storylines and interact with a multitude of vibrant characters.

You will choose the skills and background for your character, deciding how they fit into the world, and how they react to it. You can create almost any kind of character, from a hero to a villain, from a scientist to a warrior. It’s up to you to decide who you want to be.

How much time and how many resources you want to put into the game is your choice. Some players choose to spend time outside of events creating kit – armour, costumes, and accessories – for their characters. Some spend time practising combat with LARP-safe weapons, or writing stories and songs to share with the community at the next event.

LARP events are supported by a crew of organisers, event coordinators, and referees, to help the game run smoothly, and a crew (people who will play your enemies and allies throughout the story). Often, LARP is attended by traders selling LARP weapons, armour, and accessories.

LARP games can be based in any world and setting (also called a system). From futuristic and sci-fi to historical, horror, or fantasy, there is a wide variety of systems to choose from. The Game Team – crew and referees (refs) – will work to bring the world to life for you, all that you have to do is explore, immerse yourself, and enjoy where the game takes you.

Your choices and reactions to the plot (the story of the game) can have a huge impact on the world around you and the people within it.

LARP has a large combat element; LARP-safe weapons (made to a high standard using foam and latex with a carbon fibre or fibreglass core) are designed to look like real weapons, but are soft and safe to use in combat. At Green Cloaks, foam dart guns are also used. For many players, these battles are the highlight of the event, bringing people together to work effectively as a team, and forming strong bonds between players.