23rd Heavy Infantry

Founded on Marazion V, within the majestic underground cities carved into the bowels of mountains, among caverns filled with ores and minerals waiting to be mined and processed in their munitions factories, the 23rd Heavy Infantry serve the noble families of the planet and protect its people.

This mountain-dwelling regiment is drilled to tactically hold any defensible position, and to watch the backs of their fellow soldiers for any unknown dangers. They can often be seen trudging up to the front lines with crate-loads of ammunition to feed their beastly heavy weapons.

Amongst the Green Cloaks, the 23rd Heavy Infantry are sometimes seen to be like the tortoise edging across the battlefield, slowly and steadily advancing, ready to take up defensive positions. But the proud men and women of the 23rd imagine themselves to be like the terrifying Gigamesh beast that once plagued their homeworld, with their armoured hides and their heavy weapons roaring a hail of fire.

Stalwart in defence and unyielding in attack, the 23rd are true gunnery experts who will bring down the thunder on their enemies. From their Engineers crafting bigger and better guns, to the bullet-spitting Heavy Weapons Specialist, the 23rd Heavy Infantry embodies the indomitable fire power of the Green Cloaks army.

The 23rd Heavy Infantry support one another as a group, covering each other’s backs in the field, never leaving a man behind and combining their skills to get the best results. Teamwork is a matter of honour between these soldiers, which will bring them true victory.

However, there are no heroes in the 23rd, for they believe that life is not worth throwing away to be a hero. The names of those lost on the battlefield are never forgotten, and the 23rd are often seen standing around their blazing fires in the dark of night, telling tales of the brave, fallen warriors. In the 23rd Heavy Infantry you shall never forget, and you shall never be forgotten.

Regimental specialist skill: Heavy Weapons