Pronunciation: ZEH-noor
Name of people: Zennorite (sing.) / Zennorites (pl.)

Located on the western side of the Segovax cluster, Zennor has the highest water-to-land ratio of all colonised planets in the cluster. From orbit the vast oceans can be clearly seen, as well as three main continents and a number of clusters and archipelagos. Due to the fact that it is on the borders of Terran Sovereignty space, Zennor has taken the brunt of the recent One Bakkar hostilities, and much of its culture and civilisation has been destroyed or driven to neighbouring systems. The One Bakkar first invaded the eastern continent of Al’Azif, once the technological centre for Zennor and home to the university of Al’Azure, famous for its innovative new forms of energy production. It is hoped that Al’ Azif will one day be regained and the technological sector re-established. Unfortunately all the facilities were either destroyed or fell into the hands of the One Bakkar.

Melrose, both continent and capital city, was home to the main branches of the now defunct political system, replaced by martial law as a result of the One Bakkar invasion. It was here that the first colonists landed, using lumber from the forests to the west of the continent and stone from northern Lupeth to expand. Southern Melrose eventually became the agricultural centre for the planet. This continent is home to the Melrose Resistance, founded in 6011 by Lady von Beck, which aims to hamper any One Bakkar advancements by undertaking espionage and sabotage missions. The Resistance often take out supply lines of the enemy, using guerilla manoeuvres and partisan actions.

To the west of Zennor is the continent of Lupeth, comprised of two land masses separated by a partially submerged mountain range called the Spine of Lupeth. It is named after the wolf-like creatures that inhabit these mountains. The main city of this continent, Tebron, is currently guarded by the reserve armies of the Terran Sovereignty Army, and therefore relatively safe for inhabitants. This continent has been steeped in folklore for as long as there have been people on Zennor: the winds can be heard blowing between the peaks in the Spine of Lupeth, creating a howling sound that can be heard by those that live in the shadows of the Spine. Tebron functions as the initial landing zone for Sovereignty forces arriving on Zennor. It also functions as a respite where forces take leave when not on the front lines.

Humans were not the first humanoid race on Zennor, as the first colonists soon discovered that they shared the planet with an intelligent race called the Nesh’an, birdlike creatures with markings staining their skin of a colour that denotes their tribe of origin. These tribes do not mix or work together, and have very different approaches and motives. Humans live in relative peace with the Nesh’an, adopting friendly relations with the tribe denoted by the blue stainings, and leaving alone those denoted by red stainings.

Since the invasion of the One Bakkar, the people of Zennor have seen their priorities change considerably. Many who were studying at Al’Azure, or involved in energy production, emigrated to Marazion V. With the collapse of the political system and implementation of martial law, most people have turned to agriculture and manual labour, while many have signed up for the military. Due to the limited amount of trade into the planet from neighbouring colonies, Zennorites lead simple lives with little time or resources for luxuries, fashion, study or the arts. Their clothing does not bear anything distinct, though it is usually simple, unassuming, drab in colour and easily mended. If any jewellery is worn it is small, carved wooden pendants.

Inspiration for characterisation: current Earth, European folklore, partisan groups, simple living.