Humans are an adaptable species that has spread out across the galaxy and developed distinctive

cultures on different planets, as well as varied sub-cultures and communities. As a species, they are the quintessential jack-of-all-trades and can be found in all sorts of professions.

In their discoveries of the planets and space beyond their homeworld of Terra, they have presented an imposing and engaging force throughout the galaxy – eager to make their mark, explore new territory, share scientific advancements and technology, and adopt new languages and cultures. Wherever they populate, humans create thriving and rich cultures, and they are often very nationalistic.

Due to the varied nature of this species, human attitudes and actions vary widely, accents may differ, and clothing will not only be worn for practicality and comfort, but also for fashion and affiliation. Humans have a wide variety of classes, including Adept, Engineer, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Medic,
Scout, Sniper, and Trooper.