Terms and Conditions

By attending an event, you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions listed here:

  1. Green Cloaks’ decision is final in all disputes.
  2. Green Cloaks reserves the right to bar entry to any person from our events. Green Cloaks is not obliged to give an explanation of such a decision.
  3. Green Cloaks reserve the right to alter any event rules/games rules without prior notice. In the event of such a decision Green Cloaks will attempt to notify and instruct people as soon as it is feasibly possible.
  4. At any Green Cloaks event, any person wishing to use a bow or crossbow will have to undertake a bow competency test before being allowed to do so.
  5. All metal weapons are banned from Green Cloaks events. Any camping knifes or similar must only be used in camping areas. Any metal weapon bought from a trader will be held by the trader until security is able to collect it. The weapon will be held by the Event Team until the end of the event. You will be given a receipt for the item in order to retrieve it at the end of the event.
  6. Green Cloaks will inform the relevant authorities without warning if anybody is found doing anything illegal.
  7. Green Cloaks reserve the right to eject, without compromise, anybody from the event who is deemed to be endangering themselves, others or property by their activities.
  8. Green Cloaks cannot be held responsible for any damages or loss of property that may occur at a Green Cloaks event.
  9. No animals of any kind are permitted at a Green Cloaks event without the specific permission of Green Cloaks; the permission must be obtained in writing at least one week prior to the event.
  10. Referees and staff use walkie talkies on specific channels at events. What these channels are will be explained at events. If you or your faction wishes to use radio transmitting or scanning equipment you much first clear it with the Games Management team.
  11. No Firearms / replica firearms/ air guns are allowed at Green Cloaks events. Only Foam Dart blasters and LARP safe weaponry are allowed. All weapons will require a weapons check upon arrival at the events. A weapon can be failed by any referee at any time during the event and an explanation for its failure will be given. The referee’s decision will be final. If you are found to be using an unchecked or failed weapon, you will be asked to hand it over to games team or keep it in your tent. If it is handed over to the games team, a receipt will be given to you so you can retrieve it at the end of the event.
  12. Cancellation will only be accepted a minimum of 7 days before an event starts, less £5.00 administration fee. After 7 days, no refund will be offered, but ticket transfers may be possible prior to the start of the event, at Green Cloaks’ discretion.
  13. At some events there will be an official Green Cloaks film crew filming aspects of that event for promotional purposes. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, therefore attending an event, you agree to be filmed and for your images to be used in any promotional material produced from these films. If you do not wish to be directly filmed or to appear in any promotional material please inform the event manager upon your arrival at the event.
  14. Green Cloaks is the property of Virium Entertainment Ltd. All documents and pictures are copyrighted.
  15. Eye protection is advised but is not a mandatory requirement. Those choosing not to wear such protection do so at their own risk.