Green Cloaks is constantly growing and so we are always on the lookout for new staff to join our team.

Currently we have roles available in the following teams:

A note for current players: you no longer need to retire your character when you join our staff. The character can be put on hold for the duration of your tenure, and you can resume playing them if you leave the ref team. In the rare cases when it’s deemed better to use your existing character as part of your ref duties, they will become a permanent NPC.


Some roles are denoted as ‘at-event full time’. This means that during events, they require attention, and therefore cannot be performed in conjunction with other staff roles also marked as at-event full time.

Some roles are denoted as ‘ancillary’. This means that during events, staff in this role have few major responsibilities, and may act as free-moving support refs for the rest of the team, assisting in any number of different departments.

To apply for any of these roles, click here:

The image below shows our current team structure to give you an idea of how they fit together.