Marazion V

Pronunciation: ma-RA-zee-un five
Name of the people: Marazionite (sing.) / Marazionites (pl.)

With its vast mountain ranges and its single ocean, it was only natural that civilisation on Marazion V expanded underground at an early stage in the planet’s colonisation. Mining, carving and hollowing out mountains has allowed majestic tower cities such as Sangomont to rise up to touch the highest cavern
ceilings, protected within the mountains from the harsh wild winds that skirt around the mountain’s outer rock layer. The planet is rich in mineral resources and metal ores, which are mined, refined or smelted, and which form the basis of the planet’s economy and trading exports. Some of these resources are common to other planets – iron, copper, kernite – but Marazion V has one crystal unique to its planet, which gives
off a strange and calming iridescent glow. These crystals are commonly used as light sources around the cities and towns of the planet. There are a few guarded tunnels leading to the surface of the planet, which many a Marazionite has travelled up on a calm day to take in the sweet, awe-inspiring sounds of the ocean, known as The Sound of Marazion, or watch the unparallelled twinkling light of the surrounding asteroid belt
in the night sky.

Marazion V is governed by a group known as the Families, the living family clans of those courageous pioneers who helped found Marazion V in 4859. The Families number eight clans: Castildon; Drason; Grant; Morey; Rodrick; Silhorn; Scotts and Von Vortex, between them owning almost everything on
Marazion V, including the factories and the underground agricultural centres. To live on Marazion V, one must belong to or work for these rich families, and the most well-known is the Von Vortex clan. To serve under one these families comes with great rewards, as some will use their wealth to improve the wellbeing of their workers, paying them a steady wage, offering healthcare and even building more homes closer to

the factories and mines. Clans such as the Silhorns will select the brightest and the most talented minds to enter the engineering schemes and enrol in the engineering academies.

Out of all the planets known in the Segovax Cluster, Marazion V is considered the most advanced in industry. Under the surface of this harsh planet there are thousands of smelters, factories and workshops, fuelled by an almost constant stream of raw materials from the planet itself and most of the major worlds in the cluster. Without this industrial powerhouse supplying them, it is likely the other colonies in the cluster would have perished long ago.

Given this key status, Marazion V is also the one of the most well-protected planets in the cluster. Surrounding its upper atmosphere is an asteroid belt formed from the remains of a moon lost a millennia ago, and a series of stations, satellites and magnetic minefields are in place to help defend the planet. This is why Marazion V is sometimes nicknamed “the planetary castle”.

Beneath its surface, engineers are continuously researching and building new equipment to improve mining and farming production, redesigning factories to mass-produce weapons, jewellery and everyday objects, and redeveloping buildings to stand the test of time. To a Marazionite, engineering is not only a way to improve the quality of work, but to also defend the quality of life itself.

Inspiration for characterisation: Dwarf cities, Scottish clans, steel foundries, industry, strong family