Pronunciation: can-tee-uh-COOR-um
Name of the people: Cantiarchii (sing. and pl.) (can-tee-AAR-kee)

Cantiacorum is the capital of the Segovax cluster and the political hub for the entire region. Discovered and colonised by Lord Segovax in 4805, very little work in terms of terraforming was required to make it suitable for human life. It is from Cantiacorum that the rest of the cluster was colonised and where those who can afford to travel further into the cluster past Delmont usually end up. It is similar to Terra in terms of culture, but about 40 or so years behind given the distance between the two. The two planets share a very similar orbital cycle and the length or their days is almost the same. This allows the two planets to operate effectively together.

An elected parliament runs the day-to-day affairs of the planet with the prime minister in overall charge and answerable only to the king of Terra. It also holds the headquarters of the regional military and is the epicentre of the Adept Program. As such, Adepts in the cluster are usually trained there before being sent to serve with their respective regiments.

Being the main hub for pretty much everything in the Segovax cluster, Cantiacorum has the best of all that can be offered. Its soaring architecture is similar to that of Durgan, but made of marble and silver from Marazion V. It has the cultural diversity of Delmont, but without the rampant crime. The homes and offices of the wealthy are decorated with carvings and furniture made from the unparalleled Ironroot trees of Ardheim.

When Cantiacorum was colonised Delmont had already been largely stripped bare of resources and had begun its slow descent into toxic wasteland. To avoid the same fate for Cantiacorum, many areas have been left untouched. This means the surface of Cantiacorum is broken up among large sweeping cities and
verdant areas of forest and meadow.

Humans who live on this planet often dress in fitted clothing with long sleeves. Intricate embroidered materials are common, as well as fine jewellery and elaborate hairstyles. Since most Cantiarchii work in administrative, political, academic or diplomatic roles, they do not feel the need for their clothing to be practical, instead viewing it as a way to demonstrate status or showcase personal taste. Cantiarchii are often proud people who value interpersonal relationships highly, and often use friendships and marriages as a way to cement diplomatic alliances. Those who seek employment on other colonies are often sent as delegates, diplomats, teachers and record-keepers; many find themselves in the offices of high-ranking
military personnel, drafting despatches, advising on political matters, and keeping records of engagements.

So far, Cantiacorum has been untouched by the One Bakkar. This is partly due to the sheer amount of military strength at its disposal and partly due to the determination of the current front line able to keep the enemy at bay.

Inspiration for characterisation: High culture, Vatican city, Rockefeller Center, United Nations, Coruscant
(Star Wars).