Kingskeep 98th

Kingskeep 98th are a rapid response, special reconnaissance regiment comprised of small units of highly trained military personnel, including special forces, psy-warfare and military intelligence. They generally operate behind enemy lines, utilising guerilla tactics and unconventional warfare.

Kingskeep 98th was originally named for a citadel located deep in the dark forests of the planet Ardheim, which proved to be one of the most challenging and dangerous places to train. Accepting recruits from all races and planets of the Terran Sovereignty, it produced the best Scouts and Snipers ever seen. Most recruits are required to attend basic training at the Keep within the forest (30% pass rate), however some promising recruits are sent straight to the front lines for training in live combat.

Due to the close relationship and well-established trade routes between Ardheim and its neighbouring colder, harsher planet Rossi, Kingskeep’s regiments are usually an even mix of Ardheimians and Rossii. The practicality and loyalty of Ardheim has blended with the tenacity and implacability of Rossi to create a regiment operating with highly specialist tactics.

In alliance with the other regiments, Kingskeep 98th is called upon for reconnaissance missions, scouting behind enemy lines, infiltration and exfiltration, ambushes and fire support; it is known for its hit-and-run tactics, stealth, precise marksmen and speed.

There are four simple rules in Kingskeep 98th:

I. Always carry your dagger.

II. One shot: one kill.

III. Maintain constant vigilance.

IV. Don’t fight like heroes: fight like bastards.

Regimental specialist skill: Stealth