Universe Timeline

Early Sovereignty

Pre-Sovereign Era


A cataclysm of global proportions destroys the nitrogen cycle of Terra, forcing humanity to advance technology and look towards colonising other planets.

Early Sovereignty Era


As humanity expands into other planets in the Sol system and begins to turn their attention towards the stars, the governments of Terra are unified under a global Monarchy.

Jovian Era 3500-3600


Dissenters against the new government rally on Mars under the banner of “The Pretender” triggering a brutal civil war in the Sol system.


The civil war comes to an end. To prevent another war wiping out humanity as a whole, Jove sends out the first of humanity’s sleeper ships to search for colonisable planets.

Age of Colonisation 3600-4000


The budding Terran Sovereignty terraforms and colonises roughly 20 worlds within reach of Terra using sub-light sleeper colony ships.


Unknown to the Sovereignty, a planet selected for terraforming was already inhabited by an unknown alien race. First contact does not go to plan, and hostilities ensue, in an event later known as the Kellnor Terraforming Incident.


Areas of space where the laws of physics do not follow predicted patterns are registered on long-range scans. They develop the Harrison device, reducing the time taken to travel to the outer colonies from decades to mere months.

Age of Diplomacy


After decades of strange readings from the edges of known space a ship appears seemingly out of nowhere, claiming to be an emissary of “Vrede”. Diplomatic activities commence between the Vrede and humanity.


Dissident bands later known as Humanity First bomb key infrastructure on outlying planets before broadcasting a manifesto: “Break ties with the Vrede, or face the consequences.”


Following a 30 year schism around some of the outer planets, Humanity First is all but wiped out with just a few fractured sympathiser groups remaining.

4520 – 4525

Medical Officer Jansen under command of Lord Segovax, uses their unusual talents to categorise the Omega burns – the previously identified anomalies – and uses them to create stable Algorithmic Charts of the Sol sector.


Using the team’s research, Lord Segovax founds the Segovax Cluster and colonises Delmont.


A team sent to scout the planet of Zennor come across a small group of My’rna on a research outpost. Contact is quite peaceful, aided by biological and linguistic similarities and the Myr’na’s diplomatic nature. Through the next 100 years, many My’rna start to travel through the Sovereignty, offering their services as navigators and healers.

The First One Bakkar War

4500 – 4700 

Several of Marazion’s megacorps are given contracts to colonise a new sector beyond Segovax. These Marazion colonies are declared a semi-independent sector – the Merchant Republic of Novus. Around 12 planets are colonised and the inner galactic border of the Sovereignty is considerably expanded.

4820: A Mysterious Signal


After years of peaceful expansion in the far north of Council space, a transponder signal flickers into existence from a long unexplored Omega burn. The signal makes the rounds of a few remote colonies and then disappears back into this same burn.


A new alien species called the Tae’go arrive, fleeing from their homeworlds in the wake of an unknown force. They are peaceful, and their resilience and recon expertise are seen as invaluable traits. Refusing to end their journey in Novus, they continue on to the Segovax cluster, quickly adapting to life among humanity. They are readily accepted, and given leave to colonise the desert planet of Tetrarch.

4821: War is Declared


A significant fleet is detected coming through the burn. Council Fleet Operative Jones in command of fleet Erasmus is sent to deal with the threat but is thoroughly defeated in the battle of Jacobstown. A general broadcast is recorded by one of the fleeing ships and relayed to Novus officials:

In the name of the One Bakkar, surrender and join us. Resist and you shall be destroyed.

4822: Defence is Organised


Two Fleets from Segovax and all seven of Novus’s fleets are dispatched to the last known trajectory of the incurring fleet.


Segovax’s Void Fleet Gwendolyn, and Novus’s Void Fleets – New Delmont and McAlen – engage the fleet but are routed before reinforcements can arrive.

August  – October

Multiple One Bakkar fleets are detected on long range sensors. A general retreat is ordered to a chokepoint in Novus. Here the combined Segovax and Novus forces dig in for a protracted fight, forcing the One Bakkar into the first real ground engagements of the war.

This has the unfortunate effect of cutting off several planets including the planet of Masc; several companies are contracted by the Novus Authorities to evacuate these unfortunate worlds. The planet of Masc is evacuated by Herrod Planetary Logistics  which forces the mascen to become cut off from their deep cultural roots. Shortly after evacuation, long-range scanners detect a massive gravimetric distortion, and the planet of Masc disappears.



After 18 years of stagnation on the front it is assumed that the main force of the One Bakkar has concentrated their attack on a different front. Comms above Delmont report several other sectors under assault from the One Bakkar.


The largest strike fleet thus seen from the One Bakkar appears, initiating a forced retreat from Novus.


Upon the retreat of Segovax forces from Mothri, the decision is made by Viceroy Dungarth to fortify the core sector of the cluster, and recall all of the remaining military might of Segovax. 


The planets of Segovax are converted to military production foremost and the Segovax cluster is put on a total war footing. The scratch companies from the various planets of the sector become known as the Green Cloaks, named for the ruddy green ballistic weave cloaks synthesised as the only form of armour that can be mass produced at speed. After the war the green cloak is adopted as a symbol of the tenacity of the sector and began to appear on the heraldry of the sector’s military.



The QE communications system above Delmont is destroyed in a One Bakkar raid, and communications with Terra are cut off for the next 300 years.



The One Bakkar are fully pushed out of the Segovax Cluster following the battle of Poseidon’s Run.

5500 Onwards

After 649 years of isolation from Terra and war with the One Bakkar, the Terran 7th fleet arrives in Segovax, the first fleet to come from Terra after the initial colonisation. They re-establish the QE communications relay above Delmont and reinforce the sector’s inner galactic defences. The war is declared over with the One Bakkar seemingly retreating and forming a blockade in Novus.

More than 500 years after, the One Bakkar attempt to move on Segovax once more, primarily targeting the tactically-relevant world of Zennor. TSA forces, with the Green Cloaks Task Force at the fore, push back the onslaught, initiating a move by the TSA forces to recover the Novus sector as the One Bakkar retreat.

In 1000 years of isolation from the Terran worlds, the Novus colonies have developed into a very different society from their state before the One Bakkar war. As the One Bakkar retreat, it becomes increasingly clear that they are abandoning the sector without a fight, for reasons unknown.