Green Cloaks is dedicated to providing the best possible experience we can for our players and staff and, as such, we have implemented a new Complaints Policy aimed to ensure all complaints are handled as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As part of this system, you are both entitled and encouraged to make complaints when you are unhappy about things and, if you feel something should be officially reported to the system instead of through your regimental teams, the following outlines our policy and procedures for dealing with formal complaints. 

We understand that complaints will vary in severity but we want you to all know that anyone can contact us with any complaint at any time and all complaints will be handled equally.


Our aim is to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible whilst still ensuring we achieve the best outcome. To raise a complaint email 

and include as much detail as you are comfortable with sending. Clear detail helps us evaluate complaints in a timely manner. 

Our Responsibilities:

  • To provide an efficient, fair and structured mechanism for handling complaints.
  • To keep complainants informed of the progress of their complaint and to give them a potential timeline at the beginning of their process.
  • To review previous complaints quarterly so that we can improve our standard of service. 
  • To ensure the complaints process is as stress-free for everyone involved as possible.
  • To maintain anonymity for complainants wherever possible.

Handling your complaint:

  • Upon receiving your complaint we shall respond to you via non-automated email within 3 days to confirm the team is aware of it. 
  • You will also be informed of the expected time scale until the next communication from us regarding the complaint and possibly asked for further information or to clarify points in your email. 
  • We will then begin investigating your complaint, speaking further with you and to other individuals involved if required, as well as gathering any needed documentation or evidence. 
  • After the investigation stage, the team shall reconvene and discuss the actions the system will take regarding the complaint.
  • Our aim is to complete all complaints in a timely manner and, for preference, within 30 calendar days of being read by the team.
  • Complex complaints may take longer than 30 days to resolve. In these cases, we will update you on the process and a likely timeframe for resolution. 
  • Upon the resolution of your complaint, we will endeavour to inform you of the outcome of the complaint and the actions taken as a result wherever possible.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Due to the complaints process being highly confidential in nature we will not discuss ongoing complaints with people who are not directly involved in it. This includes the Game Management Team and other referees with the organisation.
  • Attempts by people outside of complaints to get information from people involved in the process or influence decisions in any way will be taken very seriously and people who do this may face action from the system. 
  • Members of the complaints team are subject to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect the confidentiality of the people involved in the complaints process and any members of the team who break that agreement will have any association with Virium Entertainment Ltd and Green Cloaks terminated.
  • While we will make every effort for confidentiality to be maintained in the process of investigating a complaint, there may be situations in which complete anonymity cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the complaint, when this occurs we will offer any support we can to the complainant to maintain their confidentiality and comfort within the system. When it may be necessary to break anonymity, we will inform the complainant that this is a required step to be taken and discuss the situation with the complainant.
  • If a police investigation is being carried out in regards to a complaint we, as a system, must halt our own investigation until the police come to a conclusion. We are then able to continue looking into the complaint and decide on if any further action is required from us. In this case, the subject of the complaint will be suspended from the system until the conclusion of the police investigation, after which the complaint will be reviewed once more.


On rare occasions, good and ethical practice and the law will require the breaking of confidentiality and escalation to the appropriate authorities. These areas are; safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, terrorism, money laundering, drug trafficking, and risk of serious harm to yourself or someone else.

GC will endeavour to discuss any need to break confidentiality wherever possible (sometimes it is not possible). We wish you to feel free and safe to discuss anything you need to. Only the details relevant to the confidentiality breach will be shared with the necessary authorities and, where applicable, GMT if the person is suspended from attending Green Cloaks events.

Every effort to maintain as much confidentiality as possible will be undertaken within the boundaries of the laws that require confidentiality breaches.