Dog tags

Dogtags are popular for use as part of immersion in GC

Note: This is not a requirement of GC just a suggestion

We use :

Standard silver tags, black silencers, but you can choose any variation.

Number – make one up in the pattern 123/45678, it’s the one you might need to recite for “NAME, RANK AND NUMBER!”

Race – H for human, then a letter for planet of birth (so HA is “Human Ardheim) or two letters for alien race (so MS for Mascen, TG for Tae’go etc).

  • 98th K RGT – Kingskeep 98th Regiment
  • 205th D RGT – Delmont 205th Regiment
  • 23RD M RGT – 23rd Regiment
  • 109TH D RGT – 109th Regiment

Class – TRooper, MEdic, SCout, SNiper, ENgineer, Heavy Weapon, ADept and whichever is closest equivalent class for non-humans.

(leave line 3 blank so name is easy to see quickly)

Name – character name, 2 lines to write what you want including nicknames.

Best not to put rank as it may change.