All weapons used at Green Cloaks should fall into one of the categories below, and should be within the specified limitations for a weapon of that type. Please note that all weapons must be checked before play by a qualified referee.

  • Blasters must bear an up-to-date plastic tag that indicates they have been checked and are safe to use. If you require one of these tags, you must go to the Blaster Safety tent to get the blaster checked and tagged.
  • Collapsible-tip weapons must bear a ribbon tag to clearly identify the weapon as a collapsible-tip one, allowing referees to identify them at a glance to verify safe play.
  • Bows and crossbows must be poundage checked (30lb maximum), and have a safety license attached to them. These checks are carried out at the Games Organisation Desk. Those using bows, crossbows and collapsible-tip weapons must also undergo a competence test before using them. Melee weapons must be checked to see that they are undamaged and within the limitations of the rules. If you are found to be knowingly using a weapon that has not been checked or approrpiately tagged, that item may be confiscated.

Bellow are the rules for various Weapons