Mechanic – Encounters

An encounter is defined as the time during battles, excursions, and activities, when you may use your skills and abilities. You are considered to be in an encounter during any time you are not in a recovery period. A recovery period is interrupted by using any skills, taking damage, or becoming involved in combat, and must be restarted.

If you spend at least 120 seconds (2 minutes) actively roleplaying attempting to restore your energy, you will refresh your per-encounter abilities. This does not restore Endurance or refresh your items. You may not run or use skills, and you must remain out of combat and take no damage during this period. You must actively roleplay recovering by doing things such as reloading and checking your weapons, or meditating and stretching.

If you spend at least 15 minutes completely out of harm’s way, you will refresh all of your Endurance (see Endurance below) and the integrity of any armour you are wearing, in addition to refreshing your per-encounter abilities. If you wish to recharge the ability of any reusable items, you must spend at least some time roleplaying recharging each item.

This may not take place on a battlefield, or if you are aware of any combat in your vicinity. It includes spending time sitting down, or going to get food and drink – including time spent Out of Character, such as overnight. You can recover in this way while Exhausted (see Exhaustion below). If you become involved in combat, use a skill, or are forced to run during a recovery period, you must restart the recovery period again upon reaching safety.