Call – Awareness


Duration: Instant
This call is used to detect the presence of characters using the Stealth skill. The call must be followed by a number (X) to indicate the Awareness skill tier of the person using the call. When this call is made, any characters using the Stealth skill within 10 metres (30 feet) of the caller must clearly state their Stealth tier so that the caller can hear them. If a character is hiding without the Stealth skill, they must state “Stealth Zero”. The caller is then aware of the presence of all characters whose Stealth tier is less than or equal to the caller’s Awareness tier, and the caller may then highlight the presence of these characters to others. This call detects targets’ presence, but doesn’t remove them from stealth, so they are still protected from direct attacks. However, abilities that grant this call commonly also allow you to follow it up with a Remove Stealth call.