Mechanic – Endurance

Endurance represents your ability to shrug off injuries or dodge out of the way of attacks. Different character classes and races have different numbers of Endurance hits. The number of hits your character will have is specified below:

ClassEndurance Hits
Mascen Shaman / Mascen Tinkerer
/ Vrede Scientist
Regular Classes3
Human Trooper4
Mascen Big’un5

The Fortitude skill can also be acquired to increase your Endurance.

If any damage or effect causes your Endurance to drop to zero, you will enter a state of Exhaustion. You should roleplay being debilitated and in pain. In this state you can fight, but cannot run or use calls. If you run or use a call, you will immediately become Wounded. This is to allow a character to perform a heroic sacrifice at their own expense. If you take any further damage while Exhausted, you will become Wounded. You may still use single-use Med-Tech items such as dermografts without Wounding yourself. If you gain back your Endurance by receiving the Restore Endurance call, or by spending at least 15 minutes in a recovery period, you are no longer Exhausted and can act normally again.