Mechanic – Armour

Armour represents the protection granted by the physical armour you are wearing. A character may benefit from the effects of only one set of physical armour. To grant Armour hits, armour must cover at least 50% of the torso, as well as at least one of the following:

  • 50% or more of 2 limbs
  • 25% or more of 4 limbs
  • An appropriate helmet or headgear
    Different character classes and races can wear different tiers of Armour, The different tiers of Armour are defined in the table below based on material and physical appearance:
Armour TierHitsDescription
Light2The lightest armour, generally composed of heavy cloth. Very thin leather armour, leather jackets, padded armour, and gambesons also fall under this category. The green cloak that the task force is named after is also an example of this armour type, being woven with ballistic material designed to repel small-arms fire.
Medium4Medium armour is generally made of thicker leather. Classical leather armour falls under this category, as do full tactical vests, and most other modern armour that doesn’t contain rigid plates.
Heavy6Heavy armour is generally defined as any metal armour, or any armour that appears rigid or contains foam or plastic plates. Chainmail, scalemail, metal plate armour, a modern plate carrier, or motocross armour with rigid plates fall under this category, as does sturdy foam armour.

Armour does not stack; you will only gain the benefit of the highest tier of armour you are wearing. Although you may wear additional layers for costume or comfort purposes, including armour from which you are unable to gain protection, you may not count those additional layers as armour once the highest tier is destroyed. If you are unsure what tier of armour you have, a ref will be able to help you.