Class – Tae’go Outrider

Tae’go Outriders are quick-witted and stealthy, often used as covert operatives by the TSA. They are
adept in healing, and can apply weapons with poison to assist them on missions.

Primary SkillsSecondary Skills
Self SufficientGrit
Regimental Skill

Class Atributes:

Free Starting SkillsMedicae or Stealth
Starting skill points3
Maximum Physical Armour TypeMedium
  • Minimum Required Physrep: All exposed skin must be scaled and coloured (either full face paint or prosthetics); tail and frills are optional.
  • Bilious: Twice per day, Outriders may roleplay spitting/regurgitating on a melee weapon or arrow for 5 seconds. After this is done, the next strike from the melee weapon or arrow has the “Paralyse” call. If this is not used within 5 minutes, it is wasted.
  • Fox Step: Outriders may add 5 seconds to the amount of time they may move in Stealth. If they only have Tier 1 Stealth, they may move in stealth for 5 seconds.
  • Medical Research: Outriders may spend their Medical Work Points (MWP) to research Medical projects if they have the Medicae skill.
  • Medispec: New Outriders are issued with a personalised Medical Systems Analyser (or “Medispec” for short). This takes the form of a small portable computer that assists with a variety of medical tasks, and must be physrepped by the player. This is a lammie item and the player should collect their lammie from the Games Organisation Desk on character creation. Without a lammie attached to an appropriate physrep, they cannot use the Analyse ability of the Medicae skill.
  • Ranger: Outriders are able to spend time removing tracks in an area with appropriate roleplay. The amount of time taken is at the discretion of the referee present.
  • Reptilian Physiology: Due to the difference in medical methods, Outriders cannot work in teams with Human Medics.
  • No Regimental Training: Outriders do not receive a Regimental Skill on character creation. They may buy it as a secondary skill.