Game Rules – Theft

Certain areas of the game site are considered OOC, and you should be fully aware of where these areas are. Stealing in an Out of Character capacity, such as from a player’s tent or another OOC area, is not permitted under any circumstances. This includes stealing a physrep of any in-game item and not returning it to the Games Organisation Desk. Theft of a player’s property is treated seriously in Green Cloaks and will be reported to the police.

To avoid any ambiguity or OOC disputes, there is a mechanic to allow in-character theft of items with a lammie attached to them, or resources such as herbs, currency, or dermografts – represented by the official resource cards supplied by the system. Although it is not required, it is strongly recommended that you have a ref accompany you when attempting any IC act of theft. Not only does this ensure that you are stealing the item in a legitimate, IC manner and not cheating, but it may lead to more game for you and other players down the line!

In all instances of IC theft, you must immediately take the lammie and the physrep to the Games Organisation Desk so that the previous owner may be made aware, and the physrep returned to them safely (if the Games Organisation Desk is shut, please inform one of your regimental refs of the theft instead, and report to the Games Organisation Desk at the next opportunity).

When you steal an item and report it to the Games Organisation Desk, the item database will be updated to reflect the new ownership. If you are found in possession of an item or lammie registered to someone else, and you don’t have their permission to use it, or are not on your way to the Games Organisation Desk to report it stolen, this may be treated as cheating.

Stolen lammies must be attached to a new physrep before they can be used again by the new owner. If lammies are not attached to suitable physreps, and are stolen from an IC area, or found by refs in an IC area, they will be confiscated.

Please note that if an item you own is stolen IC, and the physrep is returned to you, your character no longer has that item. You may use the object that you used to physrep the stolen item, but it must be treated as a different item.

If you are happy for the thief to use the physrep, this can be declared to the referee when it is returned to you (this may also make it easier to recover the item IC). All physreps loaned in this way must be returned to their correct owner or the Games Organisation Desk at the end of the event, and the player who stole it is responsible for this.