Calls are the OOC mechanic used to indicate certain IC effects. The call itself cannot be heard IC by characters, however they may respond to it as if they have seen, heard or felt an appropriate effect. To perform a call, say the name of the call clearly and, depending on the call, either strike another character with a relevant weapon or point at the character to indicate the intended target. Characters may only use calls if they have a relevant skill or item that allows them to do so. The exception to this is the Subdue call, which any character may use. All calls should be clearly audible to the target.

Out of Character Calls
Generally these calls will be made by a referee, with the exception of “Safety”, which can be called at any time by anybody. It is important to know and understand these calls.

Time In – Everyone is now In Character (IC) and the game is in progress.

Time Out – The game is over for now. Everyone is now Out of Character (OOC) and all IC interaction should cease.

Time Freeze – Upon hearing this call, you must close your eyes and hum loudly until a ref calls “Time In”. This usually represents something happening instantaneously IC, such as teleportation. Your character is unaware of the pause in time, and does not become aware of any changes during the Time Freeze until Time In is called.

Safety – Can be called by anyone to stop the game in case of an injury or other safety issue. If you hear this, stop what you’re doing immediately and kneel where you are. If you are the person who has made the call, you must remain standing (if able). This is to allow referees or safety personnel to quickly see and get to OOC injuries during play.

In Character Calls
These calls may be used by players, monsters, or referees during the game. It is suggested that you have a good understanding of them, but if you are not certain, consult a nearby ref or one of your fellow players.

The following rules apply to IC calls:

  • Unless otherwise indicated, all damage is taken in the default order: Energy Shield, then Physical Armour, then Endurance.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all calls delivered through a physical attack (via a melee or ranged weapon) cause 1 point of damage.
  • Some of these calls bypass certain hit types. If a call bypasses a hit type, it means that the character still has the hits granted by the bypassed type.
  • Calls that are applied via a physical attack can be blocked (by melee weapons or shields) unless indicated otherwise in the description. However if you do block them, please react as if you have just blocked a particularly strong shot or challenging blow.
  • Where a call has (X) in its name or description, this indicates that the call will be accompanied by a number, which indicates the tier, damage, or power of the call.
  • If the wording of a call conflicts with the wording of any basic rule, the rule stated in the call takes precedence.

The calls in system: