Game Rules – IC and OOC Spaces

In Character areas are where the events of the game take place. Most of the game site will be IC. This generally includes all regimental camps, the paths between them, and the entire area surrounding them. Anyone you see in these areas should be treated as IC unless they are clearly not (such as those wearing a white hat, or members of the public). In those situations you should ignore them and, if they are not part of the game, please be courteous.

The sites used by Green Cloaks are large and sometimes shared with other groups. Members of the public may ask questions about what you are doing. Feel free to explain! If you see a player doing this, please treat them as OOC. Anything else that takes place in an IC area during Time In should be seen as IC unless there is a very good reason not to do so. During Time In, OOC chatter should be kept to a minimum and any OOC interactions should take place in an OOC area.

Out of Character areas are any places not being used in the game. These will include the Games Organisation Desk, the nearby area – which will be clearly marked – and OOC camping and toilet facilities. The specific OOC areas will be clearly defined at the start of each event.

Unless otherwise specified, please treat all areas as IC. In OOC areas everything should be taken as OOC, and it is here that OOC situations can be dealt with. Please note that the eating area may be IC or OOC, so unless it has been defined as an IC area, please keep IC interactions to a minimum. If it is not clear, please assume the eating area is OOC. Note that this does not apply to any eating areas in regimental camps, as these are always IC.