Class – Myr’na Healer

Myr’na Healers are experts in using the Body sphere of the Omega to heal, and can even sacrifice
themselves to heal others. They are very knowledgeable in how the Omega works, and are better at
manipulating the flow of power from the Alpha to the Omega.

Primary SkillsSecondary Skills
Omega Body AttunementOmega Attunement 2
ThaumaturgyOmega Attunement 3
Regimental Skill

Class Attributes:

Free Starting SkillsOmega Body Attunement
Starting Skill Points3
Maximum Physical Armour TypeLight
  • Minimum Required Physrep: Skin must be a shade of blue; hair must be white, grey, silver, or an
    otherwise pale shade. They must have geometric clan markings, in any colour other than red.
  • Arcane Essence: Twice per day, Healers may resist a ranged Focus call from an Omega ability used against them, using the call “Resist Focus <call>”.
  • Arcane Rites: Myr’na Healers can perform rituals if they have access to a fully powered Omega sphere.
  • Attunement Selection: When an Myr’na Healer purchases an Omega Attunement skill they must define which of the five Omega Attunement skills they have chosen in that slot.
  • Divine: Myr’na Healers receive 15 Focus Points (FP) per day.
  • Do No Harm: Myr’na Healers will attempt to avoid knowingly damaging any living creature. Creatures of the Omega do not fall under this rule, and can be attacked as normal. If a Healer finds themselves in a situation where they harm a living creature, they will be wracked by intense physical pain for 120 seconds (2 min) and have a headache for 1 hour. If a Myr’na Healer ever inflicts harm that directly results in the death of a living creature, they will enter a coma-like trance. In this trance, they can be led about and follow very basic instructions. The player must inform a referee as soon as possible if this occurs, and they will advise what happens next.
  • Expert Meditation: When using the Attune ability of the Thaumaturgy skill, Myr’na Healers only need to spend 3 FP to use the Tier 2 Attune ability, or 5 FP to use the Tier 3 Attune ability.
  • Martyr: Myr’na Healers have the ability to transfer the wounds of others onto themselves. They may touch a living creature and call “Heal Wound: Restore Endurance (X)”, restoring (X) points of Endurance to the target, and taking (X)+1 points of damage themselves. This damage ignores armour or protections. A Healer may not restore more Endurance points than they currently have.
  • Medispec: New Myr’na Healers are issued with a personalised Medical Systems Analyser (or “Medispec” for short). This takes the form of a small portable computer that assists with a variety of medical tasks, and must be physrepped by the player. This is a lammie item and the player should collect their lammie from the Games Organisation Desk on character creation. Without a lammie attached to an appropriate physrep, they cannot use the Analyse ability of the Medicae skill.
  • No Regimental Training: Myr’na Healers do not receive a Regimental Skill on character creation. They may buy it as a secondary skill.