Game Rules – In and Out of Character

Throughout the rules, you may see the terms IC and OOC referred to regularly. Something that is ‘IC’ (In Character) indicates an occurrence that takes place inside of the game, such as interactions between characters. Something that is ‘OOC’ (Out of Character) takes place in the real world. Knowledge and resources gained OOC may not be used IC. A variety of items and mechanics are used within the game to indicate a person or area that is Out of Character:

  • Hi-vis jackets may be worn by some staff members, medical personnel, or photographers to indicate that they are not within the game, and are not to be acknowledged aside from for OOC purposes. These jackets are not to be worn unless pre-arranged with the Games Organisation Desk or system organisers.
  • White hats are worn by referees and game organisers when they are OOC. Although they are invisible IC, you may communicate with them if you require assistance or have a rules question. Do not wear a white hat as part of your costume or clothing.
  • Yellow glow sticks are used as OOC markers by the game staff, and are invisible IC. Do not use yellow glow sticks as part of your costume or IC kit.
  • Some tents, items, or areas within the IC camps may have ‘OOC – No Entry’ tags on them. Treat these tents or items as OOC – they must not be used while in play, even if they are in IC areas.
  • Tents in IC areas are to be considered IC – anything kept within them must also be IC, and can be considered valid for the purposes of roleplay and IC theft. If you wish, you may have a small area or bag at the back of the tent, which must be clearly labelled with an ‘OOC – No Entry’ tag, which can be requested from the Games Organisation Desk.
  • If you need to keep your OOC tent in an IC area for medical or access reasons, you may also request one of these tags to protect your OOC belongings, and indicate to players that your tent is not in play.
  • Holding one clenched fist clearly visible in the air indicates to others that you are OOC. This is only to be used in necessary circumstances, such as when monstering, when prompted by a ref, or if your character has died and you are leaving the field of play.