Class – Human Sniper

Snipers are experts with rifles and have training to take people down quickly at long range. They are skilled at hiding and at detecting others who are hidden.

Primary SkillsSecondary Skills
RifleMelee Weapons
StealthSkill – Pistol
Regimental Skill

Class Attributes

Free Starting SkillsAwareness or Rifle and Regimental Skill
Starting Skill Points2
Maximum Physical Amour TypeMedium
  • Incapacitate the Target: Snipers with the Marksman skill can use the “Marksman Rend” call without expending a marksman round, once per encounter. This is in addition to the daily abilities of the Marksman skill.
  • Tools for the Job: Snipers are issued with 5 marksman rounds per event.
  • Trained to Kill: Snipers take 10 seconds less time to use the “Marksman Fatal” and “Marksman Rend” calls.
  • Regimental Training: New Snipers will start with Tier 1 of their regiment’s specialist skill, and this skill counts as a primary skill for the purposes of spending skill points.