Mechanic – Omega

Some classes have the natural or augmented ability to access and harness the power of the Omega plane. Human Adepts, Mascen Shamans, and Myr’na Healers all have the ability to do this. It is not clearly understood how beings from the Alpha plane gain access to the Omega plane. However, it is known that intense focus, discipline, and concentration is required to do so.

Focus Points
Activating Omega abilities costs Focus Points (FP). If you are a class with Omega abilities, then you will be given paper Focus Point slips at each event, with an allowance for each day. FP do not carry over to the next day, if you do not use them they are wasted. The amount of FP you have per day depends on your class and your tier of the Focus skill (if you have it). When an Omega ability is activated, the user must rip the correct amount of FP slips for that ability, to show that they have been used up.


There are 5 Omega Attunements:

Body – Affecting someone’s corporeal form, usually with healing

Energy – Directly damaging Omega utilisation

Mind – Affecting someone’s thoughts and perceptions

Protection – Focusing on Warding, shielding and protecting others from Omega affects

Spirit – Allows one to influence local ‘spirits’ and use them to do basic commands

Sphere Watchers
In the Novus sector, rituals require a Sphere Watcher to draw enough power through to perform a ritual. These are powerful ritualists who have bound themselves to the Sphere. Thanks to their connection to the Omega, Sphere Watchers will be able to answer the majority of your questions about Spheres and the Omega. The Watchers are characters in their own right, and have their own personalities and motivations, but are also referees who will be able to support you OOC with anything you wish to know about the Omega, Thaumaturgy and Ritual.

Omega Spheres
The small focal points where the power of the Omega seems to break directly through to the Alpha are known as Omega Spheres. Omega Spheres come in different forms, and some are easier to identify than others.