Class – Human Medic

An army without a medic would not last very long. Medics are experts in keeping people alive as
well as being able to research and craft a variety of medical technology and pharmaceuticals to
enhance soldiers’ performance.

Primary SkillsSecondary Skills
MedicaeBulging Biceps
Self SufficientRifle
Regimental Skill

Class Attributes

Free Starting SkillsGrit or Medicae and Regimental Skill
Starting Skill Points2
Maximum Physical Armour TypeMedium
  • Death Watch: Medics can spend 5 seconds of appropriate roleplay to call “Death Watch”. This is used to diagnose a Wounded character, to which a character should respond with “healthy”, “exhausted“, “wounded“, or “dead”. Wounded characters should add the current time of their death count. They should not then continue to count out loud.
  • Medical Research: Medics may spend their Medical Work Points (MWP) to research Medical projects if they have the Medicae skill.
  • Medical Supplies: Medics are issued with an additional 2 dermograft patches per event.
  • Medispec: New Medics are issued with a personalised Medical Systems Analyser (or “Medispec” for short). This takes the form of a small portable computer that assists with a variety of medical tasks, and must be physrepped by the player. This is a lammie item and the player should collect their lammie from the Games Organisation Desk on character creation. Without a lammie attached to an appropriate physrep, they cannot use the Death Watch or Analyse abilities of the Medicae skill.
  • Medicae Teacher: Medics can teach the crafting of a Medical item that they know how to make to those with the Medicae skill. Only one character may be taught at a time, and only items that have been fully learned or researched by the Medic may be taught.
  • Team Leader: At higher tiers of Medicae, Medics may lead groups of people with the Medicae skill in Healing Wounds and Restoring Endurance.
  • Regimental Training: New Medics will start with Tier 1 of their regiment’s specialist skill, and this skill counts as a primary skill for the purposes of spending skill points.