Skill – Engineering

The ability to make and maintain weapons, armour and equipment for the troops. The Engineering skill gives the ability to analyse, craft, repair, and hack different tiers of technology. You will be granted a number of Engineering Work Points (EWP) per event in order to craft items. In order to undertake the Hacking or Analysis abilities of this skill, you must first craft a Multispectrum Systems Analyser (also called a “Multispec”). This takes the form of a small portable computer that assists with a variety of engineering tasks, and must be physrepped by the player. This is a lammie item. Without a lammie attached to an appropriate physrep, you cannot use the Hack or Analyse abilities of the Engineering skill. Vrede may use their Omnispec in place of a Multispec. All actions (analysing, crafting, repairing, and hacking) taken using this skill require appropriate roleplay and physreps. Please note that although physreps of tools are not required to be LARP-safe, you must refrain from using any sharp or pointed objects for safety reasons.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3