Call – Restore Endurance

“Restore Endurance (X)”

Duration: Instant

The Restore Endurance call can be used by characters with the Medicae or Omega Body skill, Myr’na Healers, or by certain items that can be created IC (known as craftable items). It will restore a character’s Endurance hits. This has no effect on a Wounded character. The Restore Endurance call is made at the end of the time given in the table below, depending on the healing type and how many people are working on the character. If healing is interrupted during this time, it must be restarted.
Restoring Endurance can be roleplayed in many ways, perhaps by patching minor scratches and grazes, or helping someone stretch out, or by using a cold spray to relieve muscle pains. Omega users can perform it by chanting appropriate vocals.

MethodTime Taken
1 Person with Medicae30 seconds per point
2 people with Medicae (must be led by a Medic with Medicae 2)20 seconds per point
3 people with Medicae (must be led by a Medic with Medicae 3)10 seconds per point
Omega Body 1: Restore Endurance 110 seconds (after initial vocals time) per point
Omega Body 2: Restore Endurance 320 seconds (after initial vocals time) per 3
Myr’na Healer: Martyrinstant (after initial vocals time)
Crafted itemsVariable