Class – Mascen Big’un

Mascen Big’uns are sturdy and tough, and experts in close combat. They are able to go into an
unstoppable rage that will allow them to carry on fighting despite all adversity.

Primary SkillsSecondary Skills
Bulging BicepsAwareness
Melee WeaponsSelf Sufficient
Regimental Skill

Class Attributes:

Free Starting SkillsBulging Biceps or Melee Weapons
Starting Skill Points3
Maximum Physical Armour TypeHeavy
  • Minimum Required Physrep: Big’uns must have horns, pointed ears and grey or green skin.
  • Tough Hide: Big’uns start with 5 points of Endurance rather than 3.
  • Unstoppable: Twice per day, Big’uns may enter a state of rage for 30 seconds. Whilst in this state they take armour and Endurance damage as normal, but are immune to the effects of being Exhausted and cannot become Wounded in this state. They must roleplay extreme aggression and anger towards friend and foe alike during this time, and will not back down from a fight. At the end of the rage, if they are on zero Endurance they will immediately take a Wound. This ability may not be used twice in the same encounter.
  • Unwavering: Once per encounter, a Big’un may use a ‘once per encounter’ call 1 additional time from the Grit skill, provided they already have access to that skill. If they do not have the Grit skill, they may still call “Resist Fear” once per encounter.
  • No Regimental Training: Mascen Big’uns do not receive a Regimental Skill on character creation. They may buy it as a secondary skill.