Race – Vrede

Vrede are a technologically-advanced race of demi-shapeshifters. They can slightly alter their physical appearances over a period of 8 hours rest, although they will always have telltale prominent silver or glowing veins across their whole bodies. This includes any clothes or armour they appear to be wearing, as they are simply extensions of the vrede’s body. The Vrede can imitate cosmetic attributes from any race they have seen, so it is possible for them to have a human or Myr’na appearance, but with patches of Tae’go scales and Mascen horns.

The Vrede lifespan is unknown, however it would seem to be many times that of a human. This also makes it hard to track the age of the Vrede civilisation by Generations alone, as it seems the birth of a new Generation is decided upon by the older Generations, and is not determined by a specific period of time.

For a long time, the Terran Sovereignty only had contact with the 25th Generation of the Vrede, who claimed that they were born with the sole purpose of travelling outside the Vrede Empire, to learn from and assess the other races in the galaxy. They were part of an expeditionary force sent by their government to act as information gatherers, emissaries and representatives among the allied peoples, as well as additional support for the Terran Sovereignty.

In 6019, the 26th Generation of Vrede made contact with the Sovereignty in Novas and agreed to support them, to teach them more about the universe. The 26th Generation claim to be expanding and settling in new sectors. This new Generation brought with them their Operatives and Scientists who are experts at both engineering and medical technology. There are very few 25th Generation Vrede left in the Novas sector, although the 26th generation have not reached the Segovax Cluster yet.

Each vrede is issued with an array of advanced technology for their protection, known as vrede- tech. They are fiercely protective of it to the point where all vrede-tech is programmed to deactivate permanently upon the death of its user, or if tampered with.