Race – Tae’go

Tae’go are a reptilian race of traditionally nomadic people, with a strong emphasis on family ties and kinship. They vary greatly in colour and temperament, but are naturally inclined towards scavenging and self-sufficiency.

Having long ago fled the destruction of their desert world, Tazrak, at the hands of the One Bakkar, the tae’go have been moving towards Terran space, making use of whatever shelter they could find on inhabitable planets. Rapidly running out of room to colonise and survive, they hid on the fringes of the Terran Sovereignty, discreetly dotted all over the front line and living in small camps and communes.

After a few years of enmity and distrust between the tae’go and the Terran Sovereignty, negotiations were opened and an agreement was eventually reached. Able-bodied tae’go would be admitted into the Terran military and be deployed on the front lines along with Terran forces, earning the species its place within the TSA. None will speak openly of their home; to return to tae’go space, they believe, is to invite death.

When the Generation 26 of the Vrede arrived in Sovereignty space, they brought with them the Voidborn Taego. These Tae’go had never heard of the world of Tazrak and were genetically cloned by the Vrede.

As well as the stealthy Outriders, they brought with them a new species of Taego; the large, horned, saurian breed known as the Vanguard, which are used by the Vrede as shock troops. A small number of the Voidborn Tae’go have joined up with the TSA in Novas, and although they know little about the Sovereignty and its people, they are interested to learn and work with their new families.