Race – Myr’na

The myr’na are a race fundamentally connected to the mysterious power of the Omega, and are able to channel its power naturally from birth. They are a highly spiritual and peaceful people who are close in nature to the plane of Omega. They are blessed with the ability to clear their mind and tap into this power, healing the wounds of themselves and others.

The myr’na have a relatively long lifespan, usually around 200-250 years. The skin of a myr’na Healer is a shade of blue, due to their innate connection to the Omega plane. They have silver, white, or similarly light-coloured hair. They dress in flowing, elaborate, brightly coloured clothing, adorned with bells and sashes. Their faces are painted with ornate geometric clan markings.

Myr’na practice pacifism and restraint in all things violent, but will do their best to protect their friends without harming others. Possibly as a result of this they are very conscious of their personal space. The act of touching another when not healing them, or without permission is considered extremely offensive.

If a myr’na decides they wish to fight, they must ritually give up all but their most innate connection to the Omega for the rest of their lives. When a myr’na takes this oath, they sever their connection to the Omega with a complex and dangerous ritual.

These Warriors then paint their clan markings in red, indicating their willingness to shed both their own blood and the blood of others. Over time, their skin fades to a paler shade of blue or grey, as the influence of the Omega leaves them and they lose their inhibitions about their own personal space and touching.