Game Rules – Safety

Safety must be a primary concern for everyone. Please follow these rules to ensure the safety of yourself and other players:

  • Be sensible.
  • Do not hit anybody with anything that is not LARP-safe.
  • Do not stab with a melee weapon, unless it has a specifically-designed collapsible-tip. You should be aware if your weapon has a collapsible-tip, but please consult a referee if you are unsure.
  • If you wish to use a collapsible-tip weapon, you must register it at the Games Organisation Desk and speak to a referee, who will guide you through a competency test.
  • Do not block or parry with a gun.
  • Do not attempt to strike or fire around corners or objects where you cannot clearly see who you are attacking: somebody may be closer than you think.
  • Pull your blows with melee weapons. To pull your blow as your weapon hits the target, pull it back so that it does not make full-force contact. Combatants are aiming to tap their opponent, not hurt them. Never hit somebody with full force.
  • Wrestling and physical grappling are not allowed. There are in-game mechanics that allow for the subdual of characters: please use these instead.
  • Do not aim any attacks at the groin area or eyes. Accidents happen, but please be as diligent in avoiding them as possible. It is recommended that in the interest of safety, participants should wear eye protection.
  • You must have your character card visible on your person at all times. Please note that this card is not visible IC, but may be used OOC in the event of an emergency. Example: the calls used by snipers cannot be heard, but the shots can. If one of these calls is used nearby, you may react as though you have heard a gunshot.
  • Players are not permitted to use any form of pyrotechnics during an event, or while on a site being used by Green Cloaks. Limited and controlled pyrotechnics are sometimes used by trained personnel. If you have issues with smoke machines, loud noises, or flashes, speak to the Games Organisation Desk when you register at the beginning of an event.
  • There are trained first aiders on site at all times. If you or somebody else is injured, please calla referee and they will bring a first aider to the injured person. If it is during time-out, please go to the Games Organisation Desk to seek assistance.
  • Any illegal activities or actions taking place at a Green Cloaks event will result in the incident being immediately reported to the police, and the player being banned from the system.

A safety briefing and demonstration on how to fight safely will be given at the start of each event, and any referee will be happy to assist you further with this. It is suggested that all players attend this briefing. If you have any concerns during Time In, or witness unsafe combat, please speak with a referee when it is appropriate to do so, and they will address the problem.

Game Rules – Monstering

At Green Cloaks main events you will be expected to “monster” at some point during the event. This is where you get to be the characters that create plot for your fellow players. Monstering roles are varied, so you will have the opportunity to play different characters during a monster slot. Non-combatants are able to take part in monstering, and will be given non-combat roles suitable for them, such as roleplay encounters. Monstering encounters will be accompanied by a referee. At every mainline event each regiment will be assigned a monster slot; usually a period of two hours during which the regiment’s camp is considered “Time Out” and all players in that regiment are asked to remove any kit and costume that distinguishes them as their current character, replacing it with kit suitable for the monster characters they will be playing, or with generic dark clothing. All players taking part are then considered “monsters”, and must report to the Games Organisation Desk. While monstering, be gracious. You are not trying to kill other players by any means necessary, but instead trying to give them a memorable game. As a monster you may be asked to engage in combat encounters or roleplay encounters. Try and make every encounter as engaging for the other players as possible. They’ll be giving you the same consideration when they monster for you!

Game Rules – Theft

Certain areas of the game site are considered OOC, and you should be fully aware of where these areas are. Stealing in an Out of Character capacity, such as from a player’s tent or another OOC area, is not permitted under any circumstances. This includes stealing a physrep of any in-game item and not returning it to the Games Organisation Desk. Theft of a player’s property is treated seriously in Green Cloaks and will be reported to the police.

To avoid any ambiguity or OOC disputes, there is a mechanic to allow in-character theft of items with a lammie attached to them, or resources such as herbs, currency, or dermografts – represented by the official resource cards supplied by the system. Although it is not required, it is strongly recommended that you have a ref accompany you when attempting any IC act of theft. Not only does this ensure that you are stealing the item in a legitimate, IC manner and not cheating, but it may lead to more game for you and other players down the line!

In all instances of IC theft, you must immediately take the lammie and the physrep to the Games Organisation Desk so that the previous owner may be made aware, and the physrep returned to them safely (if the Games Organisation Desk is shut, please inform one of your regimental refs of the theft instead, and report to the Games Organisation Desk at the next opportunity).

When you steal an item and report it to the Games Organisation Desk, the item database will be updated to reflect the new ownership. If you are found in possession of an item or lammie registered to someone else, and you don’t have their permission to use it, or are not on your way to the Games Organisation Desk to report it stolen, this may be treated as cheating.

Stolen lammies must be attached to a new physrep before they can be used again by the new owner. If lammies are not attached to suitable physreps, and are stolen from an IC area, or found by refs in an IC area, they will be confiscated.

Please note that if an item you own is stolen IC, and the physrep is returned to you, your character no longer has that item. You may use the object that you used to physrep the stolen item, but it must be treated as a different item.

If you are happy for the thief to use the physrep, this can be declared to the referee when it is returned to you (this may also make it easier to recover the item IC). All physreps loaned in this way must be returned to their correct owner or the Games Organisation Desk at the end of the event, and the player who stole it is responsible for this.

Game Rules – Lammies

These are laminated cards containing information on in-game items, abilities, or knowledge. The Games Organisation Desk maintains a database of all lammied items that are currently in play, and this is used to track the ownership of each item. Each lammie has a registration number on it; when you get a lammie from the Games Organisation Desk, you are registered in the database as the item’s owner.

Lammies that represent spiritual effects, abilities and knowledge cannot be stolen. If you lose a lammie of this type, please notify the Games Organisation Desk, who will update their database and supply you with a new lammie to replace the one that was lost.

Once the game is in progress, all lammies and attached physreps should be kept in IC areas wherever possible. If lammies are not attached to suitable physreps, and are found by refs in an IC area, they will be confiscated.

Lammies are colour-coded. A list of lammie types is given below.

Lammie TypeColour
Engineering Item / RipYellow
Med-Tech Item / RipGreen
Omega Item / RipBlue

These are the in-game representations of a crafted item. They must be attached to a physrep at all times. Without this physrep, the lammie’s abilities cannot be used, and it is considered cheating to attempt to use an item lammie that is not attached to a valid physrep. Item lammies will detail any unusual in-game effects or abilities that an item has, and will also list the Maintenance and Research costs of the item, where appropriate.

Knowledge Lammies

Knowledge lammies for Engineering and Medicae represent items a character knows how to craft. If the item is not in the Crafting Plans List you will be given an in-depth lammie explaining the knowledge details. These cards are representations of the knowledge learned by a character; they do not exist IC, therefore cannot be handed to another character, traded, lost or stolen. Knowledge lammies will list the Crafting and Research costs of the item, where appropriate. Characters with the Engineering or Medicae skills have the knowledge of how to craft all items on the Crafting Plans/Recipes Lists of their skill tier or lower. They do not require knowledge lammies.

Power Lammies

A power lammie represents the capacity of a character to use an ability they would not normally have (typically an Omega ability), or to modify an existing one. These cards are normally gained by Thaumaturgy research, but also by ritual. These cards are representations of knowledge or granted power; they do not exist IC, therefore cannot be handed to another character, traded, lost or stolen.

Spirit Effect Lammies

If a character has an in-game effect on their spirit, either from a ritual, possession or other source, they will receive a Spirit Effect lammie. If the character has the Spirit Attunement ability Psychometry used on them, they should show this to the user.

Game Rule – Rips

These are the system-provided paper or plastic slips that represent in-game resources. Most of these cards do not need to be attached to a physrep – consider them the physical representation of items which are commonly traded and used within the game. The exception to this rule is the Frag Grenade rip, which must be accompanied by a grenade physrep when it is used – you may reuse the same grenade physrep as many times as you have Frag Grenade rips. Some cards must be ripped upon use, such as dermograft patches, grenades, and marksman rounds. The ripping of these cards indicates that the resource has been used up. All rips that represent physical items such as money and resources can be stolen IC. Rips that represent non-physical resources and game mechanics cannot be stolen.

Game Rules – Respect for Other Players

Every LARP game is based on trust. Everyone playing the game is responsible for playing it safely and sensibly, and adhering to the rules. Referees will be monitoring the game to enforce this. Players must also be aware of other players’ comfort zones and must respect each other’s property. Playing by the rules is important as it makes the game more enjoyable and interesting for everyone. If something bad happens to your character, be honest. Play the game as you would want others to play it.

Game Rules – Young Players

Green Cloaks games, unless otherwise indicated for a specific event, are open to anybody aged 16 or above. For anybody below the age of 18, a consent form (available on the Green Cloaks website) must be completed and signed by the player’s parent/guardian after reading the Disclaimer (available on the Green Cloaks website), and handed in to the Game Organisation Desk at registration. The player will also need to sign the same Disclaimer form as other players.

Players under the age of 18 may not consume alcohol at an event or be supplied with it. For the purposes of the game, they will otherwise be treated the same as an adult.

Game Rules – Alcohol

If you are aged 18 or over you may consume alcohol that you have brought with you to an event. There may be a fully-licensed IC bar at Green Cloaks events. The bar will not be able to serve you alcohol without valid ID, so please bring some with you if you wish to purchase alcohol.

If you are under the age of 18, you may not consume alcohol at any Green Cloaks events, and if found doing so you will be subject to all relevant UK laws, as well as being ejected from the event immediately. Anybody found supplying alcohol to those under the age of 18 will face the same penalty.

Game Rules – Non-Combatants

If you are unable to take part in combat for a medical reason, you are still able to take part in the game as a non-combatant character. These characters can still play vital parts in the Green Cloaks regiments, and can take on roles such as (but not limited to) engineers, healers, negotiators or quartermasters. The Games Organisation Desk can provide you with a high-visibility wristband for a small deposit which will indicate to other players that they should avoid combat with you.

Non-combatants are unable to take part in any fighting that takes place and, should you find yourself in a combat situation, you should move away from the combat whenever possible. It is up to you to avoid being hit. If you are unable to move away safely, or are threatened by an attacker with any weapon or attack, you must immediately lie down on the ground, roleplaying the IC state of being ‘Exhausted’ . This is not because your character is necessarily weaker than others, but so that you are out of harm’s way and will not be attacked further.

Please note that a medically non-combatant character is still affected normally by all other game effects and damage. The only difference is when they are the target of direct physical combat. For example, a non-combatant who is targeted with the Stun call should act confused and disorientated as per the normal rules for this call.

You may choose to play a pacifist or non-physical character even if you are physically able to take part in battles, and in these cases you will not wear a wristband, and any attacks or damage you sustain will be taken in the same way as any combat character.

Game Rules – Referees

Referees, or refs, can be identified by white hats with their referee ID on them. For this reason, please do not wear white hats as part of your character kit.

The referees guide players through missions, oversee battles, and handle IC and OOC incidents or rules ambiguities. There are also designated crafting referees who oversee research and crafting.

Please bear in mind that referees cannot be seen IC. If you see a referee, ignore them IC. There may be instances where a referee informs you of something your character has discovered or can see/hear, and in these cases please do not react to the referee but instead roleplay a suitable reaction to the information given.

Referees also accompany and manage monster slots. During these, please pay attention to all briefs given to you by the referee, and any further instructions they may give you during an encounter. There are dedicated referees in each regiment who work together to run the regiment: the Commanding Officer (CO), the Executive Officer (XO), and regimental referees. All of these referees are appointed by the Game Team.