Race – Vrede

Vrede are a technologically-advanced race of demi-shapeshifters. They can slightly alter their physical appearances over a period of 8 hours rest, although they will always have telltale prominent silver or glowing veins across their whole bodies. This includes any clothes or armour they appear to be wearing, as they are simply extensions of the vrede’s body. The Vrede can imitate cosmetic attributes from any race they have seen, so it is possible for them to have a human or Myr’na appearance, but with patches of Tae’go scales and Mascen horns.

The Vrede lifespan is unknown, however it would seem to be many times that of a human. This also makes it hard to track the age of the Vrede civilisation by Generations alone, as it seems the birth of a new Generation is decided upon by the older Generations, and is not determined by a specific period of time.

For a long time, the Terran Sovereignty only had contact with the 25th Generation of the Vrede, who claimed that they were born with the sole purpose of travelling outside the Vrede Empire, to learn from and assess the other races in the galaxy. They were part of an expeditionary force sent by their government to act as information gatherers, emissaries and representatives among the allied peoples, as well as additional support for the Terran Sovereignty.

In 6019, the 26th Generation of Vrede made contact with the Sovereignty in Novas and agreed to support them, to teach them more about the universe. The 26th Generation claim to be expanding and settling in new sectors. This new Generation brought with them their Operatives and Scientists who are experts at both engineering and medical technology. There are very few 25th Generation Vrede left in the Novas sector, although the 26th generation have not reached the Segovax Cluster yet.

Each vrede is issued with an array of advanced technology for their protection, known as vrede- tech. They are fiercely protective of it to the point where all vrede-tech is programmed to deactivate permanently upon the death of its user, or if tampered with.

Race – Tae’go

Tae’go are a reptilian race of traditionally nomadic people, with a strong emphasis on family ties and kinship. They vary greatly in colour and temperament, but are naturally inclined towards scavenging and self-sufficiency.

Having long ago fled the destruction of their desert world, Tazrak, at the hands of the One Bakkar, the tae’go have been moving towards Terran space, making use of whatever shelter they could find on inhabitable planets. Rapidly running out of room to colonise and survive, they hid on the fringes of the Terran Sovereignty, discreetly dotted all over the front line and living in small camps and communes.

After a few years of enmity and distrust between the tae’go and the Terran Sovereignty, negotiations were opened and an agreement was eventually reached. Able-bodied tae’go would be admitted into the Terran military and be deployed on the front lines along with Terran forces, earning the species its place within the TSA. None will speak openly of their home; to return to tae’go space, they believe, is to invite death.

When the Generation 26 of the Vrede arrived in Sovereignty space, they brought with them the Voidborn Taego. These Tae’go had never heard of the world of Tazrak and were genetically cloned by the Vrede.

As well as the stealthy Outriders, they brought with them a new species of Taego; the large, horned, saurian breed known as the Vanguard, which are used by the Vrede as shock troops. A small number of the Voidborn Tae’go have joined up with the TSA in Novas, and although they know little about the Sovereignty and its people, they are interested to learn and work with their new families.

Race – Myr’na

The myr’na are a race fundamentally connected to the mysterious power of the Omega, and are able to channel its power naturally from birth. They are a highly spiritual and peaceful people who are close in nature to the plane of Omega. They are blessed with the ability to clear their mind and tap into this power, healing the wounds of themselves and others.

The myr’na have a relatively long lifespan, usually around 200-250 years. The skin of a myr’na Healer is a shade of blue, due to their innate connection to the Omega plane. They have silver, white, or similarly light-coloured hair. They dress in flowing, elaborate, brightly coloured clothing, adorned with bells and sashes. Their faces are painted with ornate geometric clan markings.

Myr’na practice pacifism and restraint in all things violent, but will do their best to protect their friends without harming others. Possibly as a result of this they are very conscious of their personal space. The act of touching another when not healing them, or without permission is considered extremely offensive.

If a myr’na decides they wish to fight, they must ritually give up all but their most innate connection to the Omega for the rest of their lives. When a myr’na takes this oath, they sever their connection to the Omega with a complex and dangerous ritual.

These Warriors then paint their clan markings in red, indicating their willingness to shed both their own blood and the blood of others. Over time, their skin fades to a paler shade of blue or grey, as the influence of the Omega leaves them and they lose their inhibitions about their own personal space and touching.

Race – Mascen

The recent history of this species has been riddled with exploitation and slavery, since war swept over their homeworld. After the enemy forces of the One Bakkar ravaged their planet with technology and firepower far more advanced than anything the mascen possessed, they were enslaved in the wake of the ruin by a corrupt private organisation called the Terran Battlefield Reclamation, who fronted the atrocity by claiming they were salvaging anything left from the battle.

The slavery went unnoticed by the Terran Sovereignty until long after the mascen homeworld had disappeared behind the One Bakkar front line. By the time they had been freed and protected by Sovereignty law, there was nothing for them to return to. Most of the mascen adapted, forming tribes scattered throughout the Segovax cluster on the edges of Terran space. Many joined the military to aid the fight and reclaim their homeworld.

Though some races might consider the mascen primitive, their true complexities lie in the richness of their culture, which they have cherished and clung to throughout their difficult history. They believe strongly in the guidance of their ancestors, the brave members of their tribes who have gone before them.

The mascen are unusual in that they are comprised of two separate subspecies: Big’uns and Little’uns. Mascen Big’uns are typically tough, violent, and bloodthirsty. They are more robust than the average humanoid and able to withstand far more punishment than a human before being incapacitated.

Little’uns consist of Tinkerers and Shamans. The Tinkerers are responsible for building and invention, and, given more time for their culture to develop, they would certainly be a very innovative species. As it stands, however, they have been thrust into a universe they were not ready for, and their tinkering is far more of an eclectic experiment that accidentally yields results than a careful and precise practice.

Shamans hold a spiritual position in the mascen society, and display an innate connection to the Omega, guiding their tribes with the help of direct contact with their ancestors.
All mascen have grey or green skin and pointed ears. Mascen Big’uns and Little’uns can be told apart by the difference in stature between the two subspecies, which gives them their names, and the fact that Big’uns sport a set of sturdy horns protruding from their foreheads.

Race – Human

Humans are an adaptable species that has spread out across the galaxy and developed distinctive cultures on different planets, as well as varied sub-cultures and communities. As a species, they are the quintessential jack-of-all-trades and can be found in all sorts of professions.

In their discoveries of the planets and space beyond their homeworld of Terra, they have presented an imposing and engaging force throughout the galaxy – eager to make their mark, explore new territory, share scientific advancements and technology, and adopt new languages and cultures. Wherever they populate, humans create thriving and rich cultures, and they are often very nationalistic.

Due to the varied nature of this species, human attitudes and actions vary widely, accents may differ, and clothing will not only be worn for practicality and comfort, but also for fashion and affiliation. Humans have a wide variety of classes, including Adept, Engineer, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Medic, Scout, Sniper, and Trooper.

Part 1 – Regiments

To begin creating your character, you will need to choose from one of the four regiments. This section contains detailed descriptions about them. Your choices are:

Delmont 205th

Durgan 109th Light Infantry

Kingskeep 98th

Marazion 23rd Heavy Infantry

Regimental Skills
Each regiment has a different skill that all their recruits have the opportunity to learn. This is called a Regimental Skill, and it represents the cultural background of each regiment.
With the exception of adepts, humans receive their classes through regimental training, and will automatically receive training in their regiment’s specialist skill. Adepts and other races are also able to learn their regiment’s skill, but they do not start with the training by default.

The Regimental Skills are as follows:

Delmont 205thBackstab

Durgan 109th Light Infantry – Melee Weapons

Kingskeep 98thStealth

Marazion 23rd Heavy InfantryHeavy Weapons


In this chapter, you will be guided through the process of building your character. In order to create your new recruit, you will need to decide on several defining features:

Regiment – There are four regiments in the Green Cloaks Task Force, each with different specialisations and goals.

Race – There are five playable races. Although there are other races in the Green Cloaks universe, only these five are permitted within the Terran Sovereignty Army (TSA), and therefore available to players.

Class – Different races have different class specialisations available to them. You must choose one in order to determine which skills your character is most suited to.

Skills – There are many different skills available for your character to train in. Although a character may obtain a wide array of skills, they are naturally more inclined towards the skills that their class specialises in.

Background – You must decide who your character is, where they come from, and what motivates them. You may want to choose a name based on the race and planet your character comes from.

More detailed information about the races and planets of the Green Cloaks universe is available on the Green Cloaks website. You may want to refer to this during character creation.